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The Elpan / Wanpan Heating System – a different kind of heating

The Danish company Elpan Wanpan produces heating panels which warm a house or flat in a different way. The panels are fitted around the room at the base of the wall instead of ordinary skirting boards. This creates a thermal encirclement effect which gives a constant temperature throughout the room and avoids the air circulation caused by traditional radiators. Elpan Wanpan heats a room using 70% radiated heat and only 30% convection up the wall.

Save 25% on heating costs
Several tests over the years have shown that the thermal encirclement principle results in a saving of 25% on heating costs every year. This is because there is a little heat all around the room rather than one radiator which pumps air around the room, including over to the corners which are furthest away. The thermal encirclement principle saves the energy required for this transmission.

The thermal encirclement principle also offers cost savings when compared to underfloor heating, as it is virtually impossible to use night and day heat reduction because the reaction time for reducing floor heating is long, typically 5 – 7 hours, and so reducing the heat does not pay off. The reaction time to a temperature change with Elpan Wanpan is very fast, and so there are also savings to be made when the sun is shining in through the window and heating up the room. Elpan Wanpan stops the heat immediately, whereas underfloor heating just carries on giving off heat.   

Furnishing freedom 
The Elpan Wanpan heating panels give you total freedom in furnishing your home, as there are no large radiators in the way of the furniture or under the windows. Large radiators do not improve the appearance of a room. 

Several advantages 
Thermal encirclement means that the air in the room does not move around, thus eliminating draughts and cold floors, whereas a normal radiator creates a circulation of air which starts by moving up to the ceiling and then crosswise. By the time the air moves down on the other side of the room, the temperature has fallen, and it falls again just above the floor as the air is drawn back towards the radiator, meaning that at floor level the temperature is perhaps only 17-18 degrees.

Thermal encirclement also means that there will not be any cold or damp walls or corners. Elpan Wanpan is also often used in front of large windows to eliminate the cold down-draft they cause.

Thermal encirclement can also be used to good effect in the conservatory as Elpan or Wanpan can rapidly warm it up if suddenly one evening you want to sit there. With underfloor heating, you have to turn it on at least a day before.   

40 years old
The Elpan and Wanpan heating system was invented more than fourty years ago and has been produced and sold to many countries around the world ever since. Of course, the system has been improved and modernised over the years, and so today the design is both modern and timeless.

The Wanpan system
Wanpan panels are a water-based heating system which can be used for all types of water heating systems, whether oil or gas, district heating, wood pellet burners, biogas or straw-burners.

The panels are only 13.8 cm high and project just 2.8 cm from the wall. They are supplied in lengths from 20 cm to 320 cm at intervals of 20 cm. In corners and at the feed and ends, blind panels are placed over the piping to give the same appearance all around the room. Electric sockets can be fitted onto the Wanpan panel so you can plug in your lamps, PC, TV or whatever exactly where they are, and so avoid bundles of trailing leads. There only needs to be one feed and return circuit for each 15 m of Wanpan panel.  

The Elpan system
The Elpan panels are electric. It is a modular system and the panels are joined just by pushing them together, just like putting in a plug. The panels are supplied in three lengths: 120, 85 and 40 cm. The panels are only 12.8cm high and project just 1.8 cm from the wall.

Elpan supplies two different thermostats for the system, an ordinary manual thermostat with frost protection and a digitally controlled timer thermostat with day, night and weekend settings. Elpan panels are often used in weekend and holiday houses, cabins, conservatories and similar buildings which people want to warm up quickly. The manufacturer can supply a control which can be fitted to the system in the holiday home and started by an SMS. This means that the house is lovely and warm when you arrive.      

As standard, Elpan and Wanpan heating modules are supplied in a choice of two colours, white (RAL 9010) and light grey (RAL 7035). They can be supplied to order in other colours for an extra charge.

What do Elpan and Wanpan cost and how much do they save?
Elpan and Wanpan heating systems both cost around DKK 300 per running metre, or calculated for the cubic capacity of the room, around DKK 100 per cubic metre.

Tests that have been run over a period of time show an energy saving from this system of 25% a year. If, for example, you normally spend DKK 15,000 a year, the savings would be DKK 3,750 – in other words DKK 37,000 over then years. So, even if Elpan Wanpan may cost a little more to buy, it quickly pays returns on the investment. You can buy the system from your local plumber or electrician.

Summary of the advantages of the thermal encirclement system: 

  • Cost savings of 20-25% a year. 
  • Uniform heat throughout the room.          
  • Elimination of draughts and cold floors.
  • No damp walls.
  • Rapid adjustment of temperature.
  • Fast and easy fitting.
  • Freedom to furnish as you wish as there are no radiators.
    Removes the cold down-draught from large windows.



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