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Heating for churches

Elpan Wanpan green heating for Churches

Save from 25 to 70 % on the heating bill and on the energy with church bench heating panels.

70 percent of the heat released by Elpan and Wanpan heating panels is emitted as radiation heat. This makes the panels useful in churches where a quick and effective heating is required. Continuous heating damages frescos, altars, and inventory, and therefore a heating period as little as possible is required


Elpan in a church.

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Elpan heat module to be installed under church bench. The panel will quickly heat the seat of the bench and radiate heat towards the legs of those sitting on the bench. This will make it more comfortable to attend church services although the temperature is not so high. 


Elpan is already heating numerous Scandinavian churches. The heating occurs quickly in the areas where the panels are installed. The panels are typically installed under the benches and on the walls, thereby come the heating exactly where the heat is required

Wanpan under the bench - Kirche Kaisten, Switzerland.

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