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Heating panels in house


Green and Comfortable Heating

Elpan-Wanpan heating panels heat your house in a different way. The panels are mounted on the walls instead of regular panels. In this way a heat enclosure effect is achieved, which cause the temperature in the whole room to stay the same. At the Institute of Technology’s heat testing facility, a temperature difference of only 0.5 degree centigrade between ceiling and floor was recorded.

Elpan-Wanpan - the ”World’s smallest heating systems” – are unique products to be used in rooms where the heating system is the take up as little room as possible, and where a pleasant indoor environment is to be created. The panels release 70% radiation heat into the room and 30% convection heat up the wall, thereby heating the room from the floor and up.

Elpan is an electrical panel which is connected to 230 Volt. Wanpan can be connected to any type of water boilers as for instance gas furnaces, oil burners, district heating, geothermal and pellet furnaces. 

Energy Savings
The heating panels provide a saving of 20% to 25% on expenses due to the principle of heat enclosure: ”a little heat all the way around the room”. This is to be compared to traditional methods of heating like radiator and underfloor heating. 

Mould is a growing problem in houses. With Elpan or Wanpan installed, humidity on walls and in corners will disappear, making it hard to for mould to grow. The low temperature of 25-30 degrees centigrade of underfloor heating is not enough to dry the walls, thereby not removing mold. 

The Expert
One of Denmarks leading experts in counseling on mould in buildings, cand.scient. Ole V. Frederiksen from NIRAS A/S, says that Elpan or Wanpan have often proven to be effective to use against humid walls as an effect of thermal bridges. Heating the wall increases the temperature at which dew forms in addition to drying the wall. This lowers the risk that mould will form.

Make basements habitable: 
With Elpan or Wanpan installed on the basement walls, humidity in walls and corners will dry and disappear. This gives a pleasant indoor environment.

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